Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement Investigations


 Workman Forensics combines extensive forensic accounting and investigative experience with sophisticated technology and processes to follow patterns of behavior and find missing money within organizations of all sizes.

The first 48 hours determine the path and outcome in finding missing money in businesses. Before the suspect is aware that his or her scheme has been detected, Workman Forensics’ experts will gather primary evidence, interview key witnesses, and perform covert investigations to build a solid foundation to your case. When Workman Forensics’ professionals are brought onboard in the first 48 hours, the missing money is recovered most effectively. Findings from our analyses most often lead to prosecution, plea agreements and recovery. Corporate Fraud and Embezzlement Investigations Include:

  • Detecting fraud from corporate systems, personnel transactions and data patterns;

  • Analysis of evidence, quantifying missing money, and preparing reports for insurance companies, civil lawsuits/proceedings, and/or law enforcement;

  • Conducting interviews of key personnel and suspects;

  • Tracing and locating assets derived from fraud proceeds.

Embezzlement Investigations

We’ll not only discover how much was stolen, but help build your entire case to recover missing money and implement tools and methods to avoid future opportunities.

Employee embezzlement is one of the most common fraud schemes plaguing small businesses who have turned their financial management over to a trusted employee without sufficient oversight. A small business owner’s primary concern is providing products or services, not bookkeeping. Usually, the owner turns over financial management to one individual; resulting in a perfect storm of opportunity for fraud.

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Ways to Prevent Fraud in Your Business

A proactive measure to find money and to prevent fraud in your business is through regular financial data analysis. Financial data analysis will identify patterns of irregularities for further analysis and review—uncovering a fraud scheme if one exists. Financial data analysis has been discovered to cut losses by over half if fraud is attempted.