Continuous auditing doesn’t just uncover potential threats, it can lead to huge financial efficiencies by finding money within your business.

Workman Forensics’ forensic accounting and continuous auditing and data analysis experts provide analysis of your financial data at regular intervals to identify suspicious activity and to help improve your business processes. Upon request, we can monitor transactions and employee activities on a near real-time basis.

Our data analysis experts identify patterns in your business’s financial records to help you better understand where money is going, how much, to whom and how often so you can make adjustments that directly impact your bottom line.

Moreover, continuous auditing and monitoring is the best tool for finding money within your company whether missing due to fraud, inefficiencies or errors. According to the 2016 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Report to the Nations, the median loss for fraud-victim businesses employing data monitoring was reduced by an average of 54 percent – the highest amount compared to other methods.