1. Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement Investigations

    Workman Forensics combines extensive forensic accounting and investigative experience with sophisticated technology and processes to follow patterns of behavior and find missing money within organizations of all sizes.
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  2. Litigation Support & Expert Witness

    The facts of a case can be confusing to a jury. Having an expert explain and clarify an overwhelming amount of information is not only vital to winning the case, but critical for peace of mind. Our team of expert witnesses testify in hearings and trials to help the judge and jury better understand your case.
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  3. Shareholder & Corporate Disputes

    Following patterns within business data is the quickest way for stakeholders to discover what has happened and how much money is missing. In doing so, stakeholders are able to make informed decisions as they take their next steps towards resolution. Learn More

  4. Continuous Auditing

    Continuous auditing doesn’t just uncover potential threats, it also leads to discovering financial efficiencies by finding money within your business on a continual basis. 
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