Divorce Financial


Workman Forensics’ DATA SLEUTHS provide financial DATA analysis divorces OF ALL SIZES to assist in locating assets, quantifying parties’ income and expenses, and evaluating settlement matters. We specialize in divorce matters involving parties with high value, assets, and/or family-owned businesses.

We ensure all marital assets are accounted for so they can be valued and equitably divided in divorce cases. Our work is most effective in cases involving family owned businesses or where assets are suspected to be hiding.

Hidden Assets

As devastating as dissolving a marriage can be emotionally, an unfair and incomplete disclosure of assets can be detrimental as you work to rebuild your life. Employing Workman Forensics to locate and uncover marital assets can go a long way in preserving your wealth.

Marital Estate Issues

Disputes over the assets of a marital estate and jointly held assets is common in divorce matters. Workman Forensics’ investigative and analytical tools in following patterns and finding money simplify this process to establish what should or should not be considered in the marital estate for property division purposes.


As if divorce wasn’t messy enough, property settlements to divide your marital assets can often be that last final blow before the divorce is finalized. The data sleuthing team at Workman Forensics is sharing their experience in finding money in divorces of all kinds by providing Find Money in Divorce webinars. During the webinar, you will learn how to organize your documents, translate financial account statements, and research like a pro so you can be prepared for the next steps in finalizing your divorce. Learn More.