Wietholter is available as an expert speaker for civic, professional organization and community presentations. She can discuss fraud prevention and detection within an organization, the fundamentals of financial fraud and how to build an effective investigation.

Example Presentations Include:

  • The Fraud Triangle

    Fraud is rarely a malicious act. An employee seldom sets out to commit fraud against his or her employer. More often than not, an employee experiences a financial hardship or suffers an addiction that needs to be fed and happens to be employed in a trusting organization with opportunity to “borrow” money, intending to replace the funds before anyone knows. These factors create a perfect storm opportunity to commit fraud with little thought by the employee to the grave consequences of their actions.

  • Finding and Foiling Fraud

    Research shows small businesses are most susceptible to fraud, and also the least likely to recover the losses. The average amount stolen in a fraud case is $140,000. Could your business lose $140,000 this year and still survive?

  • Embezzlement: Schemes and Red Flags

    You don’t have to be a million dollar company to suffer losses due to embezzlement. In fact, small businesses (with less than 100 employees) are more likely to experience fraud and embezzlement and are the least likely to recover.

  • Fraud Prevention Training

    Preventing fraud requires more than just internal checks and balances; it requires a trained staff to identify fraudulent warning signs and activities, and feel empowered/encouraged to report suspicious activity.