Playing Multiple Tunes

The Journal Record recently published an article by Kirby Lee Davis talking about young entrepreneurs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Leah Wietholter shared her work experiences with The Journal.

Juggling four jobs helps Leah Wietholter keep them all afloat. This year the 29-year-old is busy forging affiliations and other symbiotic ties for her 4-year-old Tulsa accounting firm, Workman Forensics, and its sibling, Embezzlement Investigation Systems. While those build synergies toward a breakout year in 2015, Wietholter supplements her revenues with two other jobs, a progressive May 31 shopping event called The Hunt, and selling Millican Pecan Co. products.

“It’s allowing me to meet a different group of people, which could always lead back to someone needing my help for Workman Forensics,” she said.

Read the full story online at The Journal Record or download the PDF version.

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