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Find Money in Your Divorce.

As if divorce wasn’t messy enough, property settlements to divide your marital assets can often be that last final blow before the divorce is finalized. The data sleuthing team at Workman Forensics is sharing their experience in finding money in divorces of all kinds by providing Find Money in Divorce workshops. Within the 5 hour workshop, you will learn how to organize your documents, translate financial account statements, and research like a pro so you can be prepared for the next steps in finalizing your divorce.

Let us help you with your happy ending.

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How it works

1. Request an invitation and complete the information form to make sure Find Money in
Divorce workshops are the right fit for you.
2. Once registered, you’ll receive instructions to prepare for the 5 hour workshop. With the
information you prepare and provide, we will use our data sleuthing tools and skills to customize your Find Money in Divorce before you attend to help you find as many assets, understated income, questions, and next steps during the workshop.
3. Attend the workshop as our top data analysts and instructors guide you on a fact-finding adventure to find money, to be prepared for property settlement/alimony, and to help you work more efficiently with your attorney.


For every Find Money in Divorce workshop, we provide a scholarship to one attendee. If you would like to attend but need financial assistance to do so, please click the following button to apply. Scholarships will be based on financial need and the likelihood that Find Money in Divorce could uncover hidden assets or underreported income.

One-Time Payment of $1,500

To register for the Find Money in Divorce workshop, please request and invitation by completing the information form. We want to make sure your goals and the purpose of Find Money in Divorce will bring you the most value possible. Upon receiving an invitation, a registration link will be provided. Payment is due at the time of the registration in the amount of $1,500. The registration fee covers all data processing and data sleuthing preparation, workbook, and five hour session hosted by our experts.

Let us help you with your happy ending.

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Find Money in Divorce is a workshop created by Leah Wietholter, MBA, CFE, PI and her Data Sleuthing team. Registration for the workshops is $1,500 per attendee. Available slots to attend the workshop are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis by order of completed registration and payment. The class size is limited to 8 attendees. Due to the customized nature of preparation prior to the workshops, if an attendee decides to cancel his/her registration, refunds will be provided up to 45 days prior to the workshop. After 45 days prior to the workshop, no refund will be provided.