Almost every day, there is a new story about fraud: lottery schemes, Ponzi schemes, check fraud, loan fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, embezzlement; the list is endless. How do you know who to call for help?

  • Corporate Fraud Investigations

    Forensic accounting and investigative techniques with technology tools to provide best evidence investigations. LEARN MORE

  • Embezzlement Investigations

    Discover, recover, and get back to business. LEARN MORE

  • Litigation Support Expert Witness

    Uncovering and connecting the dots within discovery and data. Expert witness testimony. LEARN MORE

  • Divorce Financial Investigations

    Forensic accounting and investigative processes in marital disputes specifically in matters of family owned businesses and high value divorce cases. LEARN MORE

  • Shareholder & Corporate Disputes

    Quantify damages resulting from misappropriation of assets, breach of fiduciary duties, and fraudulent transactions. LEARN MORE

  • White Collar Defense

    Examines the evidence and investigative process to assist and advise in white collar defense matters. Expert witness testimony. LEARN MORE

  • Financial Data Analysis

    Data analysis to identify anomalies to uncover fraud schemes, as well as improve business financial functions. LEARN MORE

  • Fraud Prevention

    Solutions for organizations to prevent fraud, fraud reporting hotline, fraud risk and internal control assessments, and financial data analytics. LEARN MORE